(THE "IBT" Network) works with developers of search tools and technologies that assist consumers with finding content and information on the Internet. We offer search services that enable Internet users to locate and view content, information, merchants, individuals,videos and products online. We offer search services through our own Web sites, on our Channel Pages such as "Health", "Transportation"Business" and others. Our Partner's versions of our Web offerings are generally private-labeled and delivered with each distribution partner's unique requirements.  

THE "IBT'S" Search Business Model works with mainstream search services and various search engines, including Google, Yahoo!, and Bing, among others, which serve as our content providers. Some content providers, such as Google and Yahoo!, may pay us to distribute their content, and we refer to those providers as our customers.  

We compete against other providers of Web search services. We also compete against more traditional media, including radio, network and cable television, newspaper, magazines, Internet, direct mail and others for a share of the U.S. advertising media market.
Our revenues are derived almost exclusively from providing online search services.  

We plan to use a portion of our cash and investments to acquire businesses, including businesses that may not be related to online search. 

We were founded in 2005 and will be incorporated [Projected by the 1ST "Q" of 2015] in the state of Wyoming.
Our principal corporate office is located in Dallas, Texas. We also plan to operate virtual offices in additional US Cities. 

We plan to launch a DPO (Direct Public Offering) in the 1ST "Q" of 2015

Our common stock, we are currently projecting, is to be listed on the The OTC Bulletin Board® 
(OTCBB) , a regulated quotation service that displays real-time quotes, last-sale prices, and volume information in over-the-counter (OTC) equity securities. An OTC equity security generally is any equity that is not listed or traded on NASDAQ or a national securities exchange. 
OTCBB securities include national, regional, and foreign equity issues, warrants, units, American Depositary Receipts (ADRs), and Direct Participation Programs (DPPs).under the symbol TIBT. 

Revenue Sources 
Our customers are primarily search content providers that provide paid search links for display as part of our search services. From these content providers, whom we refer to as our customers, we license rights to certain search products and services, including both non-paid and paid search links. We receive revenues from our customers when an end user of our Web search services clicks on a paid search link that is provided by that customer and displayed on one of our owned and operated Web properties or displayed on the Web property of one of our search distribution partners. Revenues are recognized in the period in which such paid clicks occur and are based on the amounts earned and remitted to us by our customers for such clicks. In addition, we earn revenue from certain two additional sources, Performance or (Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) , and Display (BannerAds) that pay a fixed monthly fee (Usually in 6 or 12 Month Term Agreements) in exchange for Exposure on Our National Network. 

Both Google and Yahoo! have requirements and guidelines regarding, and reserve certain rights of approval over, the use and distribution of their respective search products and services. 
The requirements and guidelines are frequently subject to differing interpretations by the parties, and both Google and Yahoo! may modify certain requirements and guidelines of their agreements with us in their discretion. If Google or Yahoo! believe that we or our search distribution partners have failed to meet the requirements and guidelines promulgated under these customer agreements, they may suspend or terminate our or our distribution partners use and distribution of such customer's search products and services, with or without notice, and in the event of certain violations, may terminate their agreements with us. We and our distribution partners have limited rights to cure breaches of the requirements and guidelines.  

Google and Yahoo! each make certain representations and warranties to us in the agreements regarding the content and operation of their search products and services, and we make certain representations and warranties in the agreements regarding our use and distribution of their search products and services. Under these agreements, the parties also provide for some indemnification relating to these representations and warranties; Google and Yahoo! provide certain indemnification with respect to ownership of the content and technology provided by their search products and services, and we provide certain indemnification with respect to our, and our distribution partners’, use and distribution of Google and Yahoo's search products and services.

Our partners for Distribution, and Affilliate Marketing Agreements (CPA) of our online search services may include Internet service providers, Web portals and software application providers. We anticipate that our content and distribution costs for our revenue-sharing arrangements with our distribution partners will increase as revenues grow, and may increase as a percentage of revenues to the extent that there are changes to existing arrangements or we enter into new arrangements on less favorable terms. Recently, we have experienced increased competition from our customers, seeking to enter into content provider agreements directly with our existing or potential distribution partners, making it increasingly difficult for us to renew agreements with existing major distribution partners or to enter into distribution agreements with new partners on favorable terms. 

Product Development
THE "IBT'S" Management believes that a fluid eye on emerging technologies and contemporary advances will be essential in expanding 
THE "IBT'S" Brand Recognition, and to enhance our products and services as we maintain the attractiveness and competitiveness and reward 
the Shareholders and Stakeholders, and for the continued success of our products and services.
Product enhancement and improving our visitors experience are the Top Priorities of our management.